We believe deeply that leadership is the activity of mobilizing others to achieve a common objective. As such, anyone can lead anytime, anywhere – and everyone can learn to lead better.

For 38 years, our purpose has been to transform Baltimore by developing and connecting those who lead in the city and metropolitan region’s organizations, institutions and communities.




Those of you leading in Baltimore today, whether from positions of significant responsibility or in roles without formal authority, face a daunting array of unprecedented challenges in your professional, civic and personal lives.

You confront uncertainty, disruption, and often isolation, particularly outside of tight professional and social/family circles. You recognize the urgency for change, knowing that the future will be very different.

You also understand that today’s disruptions provide an opportunity to create better futures, from our individual lives to transformations in society.

Join us to co-create what it means to lead in a future that none of us can yet fully imagine.


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When faced with tremendous uncertainty for which no playbook exists, when complexity is high, change is rapid and the challenges and opportunities are enormous, individuals and groups that exercise these leadership competencies will more effectively and more creatively solve problems than those that do not.

Our new programs will help you to develop the mindsets, tools and frameworks to strengthen the competencies to effectively lead now and into the future.

  • Convene diverse groups
  • Engender common purpose and values and the collective will to work towards them
  • Enable every individual in the group to bring their full selves to the task
  • Foster deep collaboration, especially across differences
  • Facilitate the group to see larger systems and power structures at work, while navigating tremendous uncertainty and complexity
  • Unleash the group’s collective genius to create innovative solutions that will address systemic challenges to transform individuals, organizations and communities



Our Leading Now portfolio offers two new programs focused on helping participants to strengthen the competencies we believe are necessary to lead today and into the future.

1. Gateway


Leading Now begins with our Gateway program: Leading Through Disruption and Uncertainty, a 2-day overview of the competency model.

2. Deep Dive Cohort


For those who want to explore the competencies in greater depth and develop greater mastery after participating in the Gateway, we offer our Deep Dive Cohort, 8 full-day sessions spread over 2.5 months

Deep Dive Cohort

Tuition Assistance

To ensure equitable access, The Leadership has committed significant resources to provide tuition assistance to remove tuition as a barrier to participation in the Leading Now programs. Please contact us at info@theleadership for more information.



Though new and innovative, our Leading Now Gateway and Deep Dive Cohort will embody the trademark elements that have created the power and transformation of our flagship program for 37 years.

  • Experiential, Interactive Learning
  • Diverse Participants Along Many Dimensions
  • Peer Connection
  • Authentic And Challenging Dialogue
  • Skill Development
  • Individual Application
  • Baltimore As Our Context


Our Leading Now programs are intended for our alumni and those typically interested in our flagship program.

We seek individuals with significant experience leading others, whether from positions of significant responsibility or in roles without formal authority.

Most importantly, we aspire to convene groups of leaders who demonstrate:

  • A commitment to improving their leadership effectiveness
  • A thirst for learning and personal growth
  • A willingness to be challenged and a commitment to support others’ learning




With expertise ranging from race, equity and inclusion, to design thinking and adaptive leadership, our faculty team has co-designed and will co-facilitate the Leading Now portfolio, tightly integrating program content into a holistic learning experience.

Janese Murray

A long-time Exelon executive and founder of Impact Inclusion Consulting, Janese Murray has committed her career to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion.

Rajan Patel

Co-founder and CEO of Dent Education, Rajan Patel is a passionate teacher of Design Thinking and innovation.

David Sachs

Executive Director of The Leadership since 2013, David Sachs has devoted his career to helping individuals to grow and thrive as leaders.

What participants are saying about Leading Now:


“The timing of the Gateway was great. It was a time to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, what could be.”

“The Gateway allows leaders the time and space – even virtually – to ‘get on the balcony’ and think more intentionally about team engagement, while learning new, replicable tools for approaching adaptive challenges.”

“Two thumbs up for the Gateway! A big shout out to the rock star faculty team. They presented this beautiful amalgamation of inclusion, design thinking and leadership principles.”

Join us to co-create what it means to lead in a future that none of us can yet fully imagine.


Questions? Contact us at info@theleadership.org

View a downloadable PDF about Leading Now HERE