How is The Leadership responding to COVID-19?

Class of 2021 Delayed

The start of the 2021 Program has been postponed until at least the Fall of 2021. It is our belief that the best way to honor and protect the integrity of the program is to postpone and resume when class members can experience the full program. Please e-mail info@theleadership.org if you are interested in applying for the 2021 Program.

What is the application process?

The start of the 2021 Program has been postponed until at least the Fall of 2021. Typically, the application process includes attending an in-person information session and submitting an on-line application. Leadership Information Sessions are scheduled during the application process and attendance at one session is required for all new applicants.

After the application deadline, all applicants are interviewed in person by 4 members of the selection committee.

What is the program schedule and time commitment?

The typical program begins in late January and runs through early November. Note: 2021 may differ. There are 10 full-day sessions (approximately one per month) and 2 two-day mandatory retreats.

In addition, there are 8-10 field experiences scheduled throughout the year, with multiple dates to choose from. These are 2/3-hour excursions to various civically-significant organizations. Class members are encouraged to attend as many field experiences as they can, but none are mandatory.

There are also 3-4 Evenings with the Arts (single events) for class members and a guest to visit one of Baltimore’s cultural institutions. Class members may also be invited to exclusive alumni programming and other unique, ad-hoc events, but are not required to attend. Beyond that, class members are asked to meet 3 times within smaller cohorts–Peer Consulting Groups–which they schedule on their own.

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How large is each class?

As interest in the program as grown over the years, so have class sizes. There is no fixed number for a class. In recent years, we have fluctuated between 56 and 62 class members.

How much does the program cost?

The current cost of Program tuition is $8,250.

Is tuition assistance available?

Partial need-based scholarships are available, although the application process itself is need-blind. It is also possible to make arrangements to pay over the course of the program.

Do I have to be nominated to apply?

No. While our alumni network often refers and helps to recruit candidates, you do not need to know an alumna/us or be formally nominated in order to apply.

Do I have to be at a certain level within my organization in order to apply?

One of the core tenants of the program is the belief that leadership is an activity, not a position–meaning that anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere. While we look for applicants that have shown signs of leadership in their professional organization(s) and/or in their civic engagement experiences, we do not require that applicants be of a certain level in the workplace hierarchy in order to apply.

Do I have to live in Baltimore City to apply?

No. The Leadership is focused on the Greater Baltimore region, so while many participants live and/or work in the city, others may live and/or work in surrounding counties. All are united in their belief that Baltimore, as Maryland’s largest city, has great economic and cultural value that extends to the entire region.

Does my organization need to be a member of the Greater Baltimore Committee for me to participate?

If you work for a for-profit organization, your employer must be a member of the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) by the Opening Session of a particular program year in order for you to participate in that program year.

The Leadership is not part of the GBC.  In 1983, visionary civic leaders at the GBC created the Baltimore Leadership Development Organization, Inc., or The Leadership, as we are known today.  Our founding purpose was to cultivate civic engagement within Baltimore’s business community.  Over the past 37 years, our vision has evolved.  Throughout our history, the GBC has strongly supported The Leadership.  Given our historically close relationship with the GBC, we give preference in our selection process to applicants from organizations that are members of the GBC, or are willing to join if the applicant is accepted into the program.