Making Baltimore a more vibrant and thriving metropolitan region for all.

The Baltimore metropolitan region confronts an array of problems and opportunities. As a region, we have significant liabilities and tremendous assets.

What could make Baltimore a more vibrant and thriving metropolitan region for everyone, where all Baltimoreans experience rising standards of living, longer life expectancies, and greater meaning and fulfillment in their lives? What could build the resiliency and creativity necessary to address future problems?

We believe that if we can be a catalyst to help Baltimoreans, individually and collectively, to better mobilize others to make progress on the difficult and important challenges that we face, then we can transform Greater Baltimore into an even more thriving, vibrant, and equitable community of people who care deeply for one another and the region we collectively call home.

What do we mean by better mobilizing others to make progress? We mean action characterized by the highest aspirations and ideals of our democratic society: inclusivity, equity, and justice, compassion, cooperation, and creativity.

How will we strive to do this? By helping Baltimoreans to develop the competencies, knowledge, behaviors, and perspectives to think and act more effectively. By fostering relationships that create a dynamic web of social connections. By creating a forum, places, and resources to support Baltimoreans as they mobilize others to make progress.

Our aspiration is to help Baltimoreans lead more effectively. While we won’t be the ones who start new companies; we will strengthen the people who do and can. While we won’t be the ones who increase high-school graduation rates and close racial disparities in K-12 education; we will support the people who will.