Are you ready to become a more effective civic leader for Baltimore?

We carefully select each Leadership Class to ensure a robust learning experience for all participants.

Selection Criteria/What We’re Looking For

  • Leadership success:  Have you mobilized groups to accomplish significant results?
  • Readiness to Participate:
    • Are you open to listening to others, especially those who might challenge your beliefs?  
    • Are you willing to take risks and share controversial opinions?  
    • Are you willing to question your most deeply held assumptions?  
    • Are you ready to be uncomfortable, to support classmates through their own discomforts?  
    • Are you willing to share your vulnerability?

If you answered yes to these questions, then we invite you to apply for the Leadership Program!

In selecting class members, we look for a wide variety of diversity along as many dimensions as possible, including race, gender, age, and industry sector. We also consider each applicant’s background, civic experience, personal interests and philosophies.

Application Process

We are fortunate to receive more applications than seats available every year and we take the selection process very seriously. A committee of over 25 Leadership Board Members and other alumni works with our staff team to conduct applicant interviews, review essays and make a final class selection that optimizes the learning experience for participants. 

Class of 2022

The next program year will begin in late January of 2022 and follow our normal program calendar flow. The 2022 Full-Day Calendar with specific dates can be found below and HERE

Throughout the last fourteen months, our goal has been to protect and honor the integrity of our Flagship Program experience, which for us has meant waiting to resume the Class of 2020 and delaying the next class until we feel it is safe to convene in person. Assuming the trajectory of the pandemic continues as it is today, we expect that the 2022 program year will take place either entirely or almost entirely in person. We will, of course, take all necessary health precautions and adjust nimbly to changing circumstances.

Please e-mail if you are interested in applying for the 2022 program.

“It was a life-altering year and opened my eyes and my heart to so much of Baltimore that was unknown to me.”