2020 class members are managing change through collaboration, shared learning and a little bit of fun! While the formal, experiential components of the core program are on hold, the class remains committed to connecting through activities that facilitate stronger connections as they continue to deepen their critical thinking and group problem-solving skills. Through the Fall, members of the class of 2020 are engaged in:

    • Class Curated Dialogues – These once monthly discussions are specific topics proposed by a member of the class toward the goal of collective learning on issues that are relevant to the current moment.
    • Peer Insight Circles – small group convenings established to discuss a wide range of topics that they are facing collectively or individually. The goal is to offer advice, guidance, support and feedback on specific challenges or opportunities.
    • Monthly Mingles – Monthly Mingles are the class of 2020 equivalent to virtual happy hours where hanging out with classmates is the only requirement. Cocktails are optional!