Competition to claim title to “Best Class Ever” has officially begun as the 36th class of The Leadership program commences. This year, 62 leaders from a wide spectrum of public, private, and nonprofit organizations will participate in The Leadership Class of 2019.

The make-up of each class is the result of a careful curation of individuals who have reached a position of leadership within their organizations and/or communities and who demonstrate a keen interest in becoming more effective leaders. When selecting class members, we look for diversity along as many dimensions as possible – including race, gender, age, and industry sector, as well as each individual’s background, outside interests, and community leadership experience.

From January through October, this talented and diverse group will be immersed in an intense learning experience, filled with both experiential and peer-based learning. Participants will take part in a series of full-day sessions on topics such as healthcare, public safety, economic development, and education; as well as, join in a variety of field experiences, tours of organizations, and attend evening events at major cultural institutions in the area.

“We are excited to welcome a new class of The Leadership program,” said David Sachs, Executive Director.  “This amazing group of 62 individuals has already inspired us with their passionate commitment to Baltimore.  We look forward to helping them more deeply understand the region, build new relationships with one another, and grow as civic leaders.”

By exploring Baltimore’s history, challenges, and assets together as a group, individuals forge substantive relationships with each other and gain detailed knowledge of the region. Throughout the program, they will be given an opportunity to learn how to become more effective civic leaders—individually and collectively—of the Baltimore region.

Learn more about The Leadership program and how to apply for our Class of 2020.